V-Max 4000 Workshop Held in Plymouth, MI

The V-Max 4000, is the latest in modular data acquisition system technology. With high sampling rates, reliability, modularity, and versatility, it is designed for precise test applications.

LINK recently hosted a V-Max 4000 workshop in Plymouth MI. This event brought together the combined experience of the LINK testing services team from Germany and the US. The workshop’s goal was to develop a new refined user interface for the V-Max 4000 system.

During the meetings, team members held demonstrations covering several innovative concepts that ranged from adapting the V-Max 4000 to specific customer test programs, to future development ideas.

While demonstrating LINK’s existing interfaces, our experts developed a vision of an ideal and feasible user interface for our data acquisition system. Customers can expect a less complicated and more intuitive experience while setting up tests in the future.

Equipped with customer feedback and our testing expert’s experiences with the product, we are eager to develop the next innovative interface technology.

Learn more about our V-Max 4000 data acquisition unit.

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