Testing Spotlight: Body in White Measurements

LINK works hard every day to improve safety and products throughout the industry. At one of LINK’s testing facilities, located in Dearborn, Michigan, the pursuit of new testing methods led to Body in White Measurements.

To conduct Body in White Measurements (BIW), a vehicle body is suspended under free conditions by elastic cords or the vehicle is set on air bags. The body is then impacted by an excitation source (an impact hammer or shaker) and sensors (accelerometers) measure the response of the excitation source at many points across the body. The sensors move from measurement to measurement until all points on the test body are measured. Once the measurements are complete, the responses are inputted into a model of the vehicle body and data from each point can be reviewed.

The end result of the test is to have the ability to identify the mode frequencies of the entire vehicle body. From these mode frequencies we are able to create animations of mode shapes and analyze where bending, torsion, and matchbox modes occur across the body. With access to these tests and results, we are able to directly aid in the ability to create a safer vehicle and improve the automotive industry as a whole.

This testing was performed leveraging technical support and instrumentation including:

  • Tri-axial sensors
  • Force cell
  • Modal hammer/Shaker
  • 24 channel Data acquisition system
  • Analyser and Modal software

For more information regarding Body in White Measurements, or any of our testing solutions, please call +1-734-453-0800, or email us at sales@linkeng.com.

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