Sample Dynamometer Used for University Research

Through a key partner based in Europe, LINK has been able to initiate a project with a major Italian university, including the delivery of a key testing system. This machine will provide scale testing capability, and is intended exclusively for research at the university. There has been a strong push in Europe to regulate emissions of brakes to reduce environmental contamination, and this LINK dynamometer will be at the forefront of this research.

The LINK Model 1200 is a 1/10th scaled down brake dynamometer. The 1/10th scale is quite useful, as it has many advantages over a full-size machine. Not only does it require less space and less energy to operate, but it is very practical when a multitude of brake samples need to be systematically investigated since the overall sample size is much smaller. The heat propagation, the rpm (speed), and brake pressures are all precisely reproduced, to the extent that the results of these tests can be correlated well to full size samples.

Although smaller, this machine contains the same operating elements that make LINK dynamometers so valuable to our customers. The ProLINK operating software is making sure that the results of test runs are obtained with the same precision and accuracy that are expected from LINK dynamometers worldwide. The state of the art controls contain a precise brake apply and a telemetry system, amongst other features. We are looking forward to hearing about the research that is generated with the help of this brake dynamometer.

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