Product Spotlight: TrackSim

LINK works closely with its customers to push the boundaries of testing capabilities. The pursuit of new testing methods led us to the development of TrackSim, a testing script.

TrackSim is an application for ProLINK and is used to save time and money by removing the need for extensive vehicle testing on a test track. The standard procedure typically involves short duration tests that are harsh on vehicle components. The TrackSim script takes the testing off the track and into the laboratory by replicating the vehicle’s performance on a test track during dynamometer testing.

With TrackSim, it is possible to closely match speeds, acceleration and deceleration rates, times, and lap distance. This application allows for streamlined script execution when performing a brake test where pre-defined, time-based targets for acceleration to braking speed, and cycle times between events, are crucial to the integrity of the test. The simulation on the dynamometer provides a strong correlation between vehicle and driver behavior.

Similar to a standard VSI-2 script, programming and designing TrackSim is as straightforward as following two important design concepts. The first concept is converting or calculating cumulative times for every point, as long as the given times are incremental. The second concept is to repeat any set point down through all primitive steps until it changes, even if those primitives don’t require the set point.

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