Product Spotlight: ProLINK Vehicle to Dyno

This week's Product Spotlight is on the ProLINK Vehicle to Dyno software application. This application gives users the capability to simulate a vehicle test directly on a dynamometer. The vehicle test data is read and followed by the brake dynamometer, and the software script can be used to either match one specific test or be used to develop an accurate representation of a traffic route for similarly sized vehicles.

The key factor in what makes the ProLINK Vehicle to Dyno application so useful is that the user gets the actual road test performed on the dyno. This includes all of the in-stop variations, the different accelerations, and all of the different forces being acted on the vehicle. Typically, a test is run to an average pressure level to control to, but with the Vehicle to Dyno software, a test is able to track the actual speed and pressure traces of the vehicle test. This gives a more realistic and accurate result.

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