Product Spotlight: ProLINK RegenSIM

This week's Product Spotlight is the LINK RegenSIM, which is a software add-on to ProLINK. RegenSIM has the capability to simulate regenerative braking conditions on inertia brake dynamometers. This add-on also enables the ProLINK control system to act as a vehicle's Electronic Control Unit (ECU), distributing the amount of work to be done between the friction brake and the regenerative source.

Developments in the hybrid powertrain technology within the automotive industry have placed new demands on brake manufacturers to incorporate regenerative braking capabilities into their systems. This means that new testing needs to be done to ensure proper use of regenerative braking systems.

RegenSIM offers customers the ability to simulate regenerative braking without buying a whole new testing machine. Users can simply install this software on their ProLINK Control System, and conduct the tests as needed.

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