Product Spotlight: ProLINK Dual-By-Wire

This week's product spotlight is the ProLINK software application: "Dual-By-Wire." Dual-By-Wire is a feature that enables two brake dynamometers to be used in coordination to simulate the brake function of two brakes as though they were components of the same vehicle. Ethernet and analog communication between the two dynamometers provides synchronization and distribution of control signals in a master/slave relationship.

ProLINK Dual-By-Wire offers the user many benefits, including linking noise and WAV recordings, while testing two brakes simultaneously. The control system can precisely maintain both dynamometers at the same simulated road speed and brake pressure. As with all of our software and products, ProLINK seminars are available to help anyone who is looking for additional training.

For more information on the ProLINK Dual-By-Wire application, please contact us at +1-734-453-0800 or email us at

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