Product Spotlight: Model 4067-TS, Vehicle Telemetry System

Vehicle testing is challenging in its own right, and the difficulty increases when retrieving data from a sensor and relaying it to a data acquisition system. This is particularly difficult if the sensors are attached to a moving component.

A common practice for collecting brake rotor temperature during vehicle testing is to use slip rings. This process requires thermocouples to be embedded in the rotor, through slip rings, and then wired to a data acquisition device. LINK’s Model 4067-TS eliminates this unreliable and challenging method, by removing the slip rings from the equation.
The Model 4067-TS is a telemetry system that easily attaches to the wheel, using extended lug nuts. The lug nuts are included in each system for a four, five, or six lug wheel. The unit is weatherproofed and durable, to ensure for accurate and reliable data acquisition in a variety of environments.

The system is equipped with a total of eight thermocouple channels, four speed channels and two types of receiver units. The first receiver unit is an analog-out type receiver, which allows external data logging systems to gain access to the outputs of this receiver. The second, a serial output type receiver, is intended to be used with the LINK V-Max 4000 system. The serial output receiver gathers thermocouple and speed information and feeds it directly to the data stream of the V-Max.

The Model 4067-TS saves time, energy, manpower, and provides more consistent, reliable data without the headache of cable installation and routing.

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