Product Spotlight: Model 3100 SAE No. 2 Test Stand

This week's product spotlight is the Model 3100 SAE No. 2 Test Stand, otherwise known as the wet friction test stand. It is designed to perform standard SAE and developmental wet friction testing on clutch and band systems utilizing production hardware and fluids. This machine incorporates the latest technology for optimal testing versatility and correlation to actual powertrain operating conditions.

The Model 3100 is an inertia dynamometer in which the kinetic energy of a rotating mass is dissipated by the clutch or band being tested. Torque is measured via dual load cells mounted on dual torque arms attached to the test head. The test head is mounted on dual back-to-back precision angular bearings attached to the machine base for reduced vibration at high speed operation. Test head piston apply force is generated by pneumatic pressure or an optional hydraulic system. Test fluid is supplied to the test head with a recirculating hydraulic system and fluid temperature is controlled with a system of in-line and tank heaters as well as water jackets in the head for cooling.

The Model 3100 is designed with a 75 kw (100 hp) variable speed AC motor, providing the capability for inertia simulation (I-SIM). This feature supports continuous slip testing, improved torque control, and an unlimited range of inertia. The variable speed AC motor along with I-SIM capability not only results in increased test efficiency by reducing inertia disc changes, but also provides the ability to simulate actual shift characteristics during the test sequence. The Model 3100 also uses a 22 kw (30 hp), high torque 1132 Nm (835 lb-ft), bi-directional AC motor coupled to the main drive motor via a helical bevel gearbox, for low speed (0-300 rpm) continuous slip operation and static breakaway friction testing.

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