Product Spotlight: LINK Thermocouples

LINK Thermocouples, designed specifically for brake testing applications, will measure the temperature from brake hardware such as rotors, pads, and drums. These highly accurate, temperature sensing tools measure voltage generated at the junction of two dissimilar metal wires, and are very sensitive to small temperature changes.

The thermocouple elements are designed with wires that are silver brazed inside a 1/8th inch diameter copper cap. Typical installation begins by drilling a pilot hole into the test hardware, and then pressing the capped end into place using a special punch called a setback tool that is available for purchase through LINK. The thermocouple setback tools are used to ensure the thermocouples are set to the proper depth into the testing hardware.

LINK thermocouples are all made to ISO quality standards. They ship lot-certified to and meet in-coming inspection standards. In addition, the wire color is coded to ANSI standards.

LINK thermocouples have several different options available to customers. They come in either type K or type J, and can have either fiberglass or kapton insulation. The thermocouples can be made with 20 gauge wires, or 24 gauge wires, and come in standard sizes and custom sizes.

LINK offers 15 standard type K thermocouple sizes that are in stock, and are ready for delivery. Type J thermocouples are available upon request and can be made and shipped out quickly. The same is true of non-standard sizes. These can be requested and then shipped out when ready.

For additional information on LINK thermocouples and how they can be used for your testing applications contact LINK at +1-734-453-0800 or email us at

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