Product Spotlight: LINK Shear Test Machine

This week’s LINK product spotlight is on the Model 2876 Shear Test Machine. This machine provides users with the means to evaluate the bond strength of friction material pad assemblies for passenger car and medium truck disc brake pads. It is designed to perform the SAE J840 test procedure. This SAE Recommended Practice covers equipment capabilities and the test procedure to quantify and qualify the shear strength between the friction material and backing plate, or brake shoe, for automotive applications.

A normal load is applied such that friction force is minimized and does not significantly affect shear load, and fixtures are utilized to match the radius at the lining contact. The world-renowned ProLINK software provides machine control and test results.

For more information on the Model 2876 Shear Test Machine and to learn how it can be configured to meet your test requirements, contact us at +1-734-453-0800 or email us at

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