Product Spotlight: Hydraulic Controlled Compressibility Stand

As we continually develop new capabilities and enhance our offerings, LINK is proud to announce its latest developments in brake compressibility measurement. We now are offering a hydraulic controlled Compressibility Stand (M1620-H) with a high load option, while maintaining low preload control accuracy – which has never been seen before.

This new development in brake compressibility takes the high load option for the M1620-H and allows for control up to a max compression force of 94kN, while also offering low preload control accuracy down to 50 N. This is accomplished by LINK’s new hydraulic actuation system which has been designed to minimize stiction forces more commonly experienced in traditional designs seen throughout the industry.

This revolutionary stand allows brake system and pad manufacturers to push the conventional limits of compressibility control and measurement without having to compromise on low preload control accuracy. A common stand can now be used to measure the entire application range of friction material – from two-wheeler, to passenger car, and to heavy truck vehicles.

This innovation is the first of its kind in the industry. In addition, LINK has continually pushed design improvements to the compressibility stand over the years. These include a hydraulic alignment mechanism (HAM) manufactured out of titanium to support repeatable measurements at low loads, servo control enhancements for SMART servo tuning, hydraulic control for high-accuracy and dynamic load control, and updates in reporting to offer real-time feedback to the user on measurement results.

LINK has manufactured compressibility test stands for over 20 years, remaining a primary staple in our product line. We have successfully installed over 125 systems at customer sites for purposes of quality control, research & development, and end-of-line production testing.

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