Product Spotlight: Hub and Wheel Bearing Fatigue Machine

This week's product spotlight is on the Model 2938 Hub and Wheel Bearing Fatigue Machine. This machine is designed to reproduce the forces acting on wheel bearings as seen in vehicles by controlling the magnitude of the cornering forces and radial forces.

How does it work? The Model 2938's control system maintains a constant force on each load apply system while rotating the test part at the desired test speed. The test is complete when either the test part fails or the required number of rotations is reached. The axial and radial load apply systems utilize electric linear servo motors. The fast response of the motors provide precise controlled load apply and the capability to provide road simulation testing.

What features are included? The Model 2938 includes axial load in both forward and reverse directions, radial load, a cooling air system, vehicle rolling radius adjustment, and displacement measurement. Additional options are also available.

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