New Stator Coil Lacing Machine Patent

On November 28, 2017, the USPTO issued LINK a patent for a new Stator Coil Lacing Machine. LINK has been a leader in manufacturing highly reliable Stator Coil Lacing Machines since the mid 1960’s, with over 2,000 machines shipped to motor manufacturing customers around the world.

The latest LINK Model 955, has many innovations, many of which are covered by the new patent. These include:

  • A unique pivoting upper and lower carriage that integrates the needle and cord guide motions
  • Lubricated-for-life bearings and bushings (no messy recirculating oil)
  • A simple magnetic needle release mechanism
  • Easy adjustments for stack height, coil height and coil width to facilitate quick changeovers
  • Electrical box integrated with base, for a smaller overall footprint
  • Intuitive color touchscreen PLC-based control system
  • Servo motor driven stator indexing
  • Available Turntable and Pick & Place automation options

This new Lacer is faster, and it’s easier to setup and operate than previous models, while retaining the durability for which LINK is famous.

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