New LINK Model 955 Double End Stator Lacing Machine Ships.

Link Engineering Company is pleased to announce the shipment of the first new Model 955 Double End Stator Lacer to a major Brazilian motor manufacturer in July. This all-new, fully automated Lacing machine uses LINK’s patented modular lacing head that integrates the needles and cord guides into a lightweight pivoted carriage. This reduces mechanical complexity and mass, enabling lacing speeds as high as 150 stitches per minute, 20% faster than the previous model.

The Model 955 Lacer, which is available in a basic, operator attended, manually loaded version, offers standard features that were additional cost options on previous models, including PLC controls, automatic programmable stack height adjustment and adjustable coil height. The new stator indexing system, utilizing servo motors with integrated amplifiers, and synchronous timing belts, results in a faster, smoother and quieter drive system. A new cord tension brake controller is 70% smaller than the previous version.

The customer can choose between the latest model Allen-Bradley, or Siemens, PLC control systems. Both offer a color touch-panel user interface, on-screen editing and storage of up to 100 lacing profiles, Ethernet communications, fault diagnostics, maintenance information, production statistics, multiple languages, multi-level password security, I/O status and setup assistance.
A rugged welded steel frame and an oscillating counterbalance minimize machine vibration. Large, full-swing hinged doors allow easy access to all mechanical components. The slim profile electrical enclosure is mounted directly to the Lacer base, with no external interconnecting cables. This results in a compact 17 ft2 (1.6 m2) machine footprint (without the turntable/loader), which is 20% smaller than the model 942 Lacer with a separate electrical box.

Self-lubricating polymer and “sealed for life” bearings replace the messy oil and grease lubrication systems used on previous models.

The modular lacing head eliminates the need for a cumbersome centerpost or arbor, which were required on previous models. It also allows the use of an optional rotary turntable and pick-and-place loader for automated applications. Other available options include an improved automatic knot tightening & cord tail removal subsystem, a new hanger loop pulling device and a safety light curtain.

Together, the capabilities of the new model 955 Lacer provide the latest in functionality, durability, value and performance to enable electric motor manufacturers to gain a competitive edge.

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