New features on the Vehicle Telemetry Transmitter

Link Engineering Company has recently upgraded our Model 4067 – DTR Vehicle Telemetry Transmitter. The system seamlessly transmits temperature and speed information to a receiver unit for use by the Model 4000 V-Max data acquisition unit. The system modernizes data acquisition and eliminates the limitations and difficulty of installing external wiring and slip rings. LINK strives to constantly update and improve the efficiency of our products. The latest features of our telemetry system will save you even more time while instrumenting your vehicles.

Our original telemetry system was 3.31” tall x 3.94” diameter, we slimmed down our new system to be 1.72” tall x 2.88” diameter. To make things even easier, we are using a smaller battery that is readily available, uses a standard battery charger, and doesn’t require a connector to be installed. Don’t worry about battery life, we also added a transmission rate fold back, which means after 5 minutes of no wheel turning, the transmitter will start sending data at a slower rate to conserve battery life.

LINK is looking into further advancements for the system and our customers can expect to see a 3rd temperature channel, wheel position measurement, and a solar cell to extend battery life in the future. If you are interested in learning more about this system or any other LINK products, please contact us at +1-734-453-0800, or by email at

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