LINK’s Vehicle Testing Capabilities Include Proving Ground Access

Link Engineering Company (LINK) is the premier provider of third-party testing for the global transportation industry, offering testing off-road, on-road, and on proving grounds. In addition to established access to proving grounds around the world, we have also formed a partnership with Michigan Technical Resource Park (MITRP) in Ottawa Lake, Michigan.

MITRP is a fully independent vehicle testing facility and test track, providing various on-road and off-road tracks that test fuel economy, structural durability, steering, brakes, grade, driveline, and tires. Being the track broker at the site, LINK can provide a full-service and confidential test track that will push our customers' product development needs forward. LINK can deliver access to all public track surfaces, including a recently resurfaced 1.75-mile oval, steering and suspension stability testing facilities, grade hills, and off-road tracks. Other featured amenities include private garage space with hoists and EV charging, vehicle instrumentation and data acquisition test reports, test program development, engineering support, and instrumentation rentals or sales. With LINK’s expertise, MITRP is the ideal environment for vehicle testing and development, ranging from individual components to light-duty and commercial vehicles.

Through this partnership, we are able to expand our capabilities and offerings in the area of vehicle testing, while having the ability to better serve our customers with full-service capabilities on site. LINK’s flexible proving ground vehicle testing capabilities include turnkey testing either on-demand or by long-term agreement, a la carte engineering services, instrumentation rental, bundled services with drivers, technicians, program managers, and more. We are constantly evolving our vehicle testing capabilities by incorporating emerging technologies and testing methodologies.

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