LINK’s Jim Villella publishes book on Creating and Maintaining Success

Jim Villella, a retired veteran and current Link Arizona employee, is the author of a book on success titled Creating and Maintaining Success: “Success is a process, must be earned, and is not a given”. The book shines light on 15 successful people of different backgrounds and socioeconomic levels. What they all have in common is the fact that they are not famous or public figures: they are hardworking, everyday people.

Highlighting individuals of diverse backgrounds and fields - from a United States Army Officer, a Medical Doctor, Restaurant Manager, to our very own Chairman and CEO of Link Engineering Company, Roy Link - Jim investigates the possibility of common threads or traits of successful people. Among other traits, Roy mainly attributes his success from his understanding and close relationships with people, and his family and upbringing. Roy has taken a vested interest in his colleges own success and believes that a safe and stable work environment intended to set people up for success, is the foundation of a great company and is one of the defining factors for the success of Link Engineering Company as a whole. Jim Villella’s book shares 15 different heartfelt and honest success stories.

All the proceeds from his book will be donated to Chandler, Arizona local charities. The book was published in April and is available from books. Check it out here.

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