LINK’s Growth in China Vehicle Testing

With car sales in China surging, a new customer market is emerging. Educated consumers are demanding safer and higher quality vehicles, which in turn has led to international OEM’s and suppliers localizing their vehicle development and validation program capabilities. As part of this trend, full vehicle testing on both public road and closed track is on the rise, calling for more professional test engineering services to support such programs. As a leading global supplier of testing services, LINK has realized this opportunity and is actively working to further support our customers.

LINK has built a team of professional engineers and technicians specialized in field vehicle testing. We have teams located at both our testing facilities in Shanghai and Huangshan City (Yellow Mountain), China. LINK teams pride themselves on their professionalism and understanding of the need for confidential and private testing practices. LINK data acquisition systems (LINK Model 4000 V-Max and Model 3802S) are kept onsite for customer use, in addition to large sets of sensors and other specific measurement systems including wheel-end drag measurement systems. With 4 vehicle hoists currently in use, LINK has plans for future expansion.

Operating test facilities across the globe, LINK has a unique understanding of the important aspects of vehicle testing. Customers can expect turnkey solutions with quick, flexible testing capabilities that include the rental of our systems and professional drivers. Our China facilities deliver accurate and reliable data to our customers, supporting the development of safer and higher quality vehicles demanded by the educated consumer market. LINK is dedicated to providing local support to our customers and will continue to develop testing facilities wherever LINK is needed.

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