LINK’s Growing Testing Capabilities in Dearborn, Michigan

Link Engineering Company operates the largest brake laboratory in the world, offering versatile testing capabilities, growing with these recent additions that are now available to our customers, a new Eccentric Mass system and new park brake ramps. The Dearborn facility covers a variety of testing capabilities including laboratory testing, vehicle testing, and access to proving grounds.

The new Eccentric Mass system, equipped for wheel fatigue testing for passenger car and light truck applications, running at speeds up to 2500 RPM. The system operates in two modes, moment control to adjust speed and optimize test duration, and speed/moment control to meet the target moment within a specified speed range. As a modular design with 8kN*m and 15 kN*m cornering moment capabilities, the system is capable of testing up to 22-inch wheel sizes. ECE R124 and the INMETRO wheel certification program are requirements met by this new machine. The addition of two park brake ramps expands our vehicle testing capabilities in Dearborn. The park brake ramps are setup for hold testing at 20% and 30% grade hill and have a maximum weight capacity of 15,000 Ibs.

At LINK, we are constantly innovating and expanding our testing capabilities to ensure that we are creating the best testing facility for our customers. We provide data that is accurate, reliable, technical, and timely at our testing facility in Dearborn and our facilities all over the world.

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