LINK updates servo controller function

The servo controller function, is a proficient system able to accurately control testing values and create custom ‘applications’ profiles. The updates to the servo controller function are aimed at accommodating customers and include simplifying the user interface, improving the servo profile control resolution, and adding features that make tuning easier and less intimidating for standard users.

The added features include a Ramp Transition feature, which reduces pressure or torque control overshoot. This feature changes the ramp control from a standard linear to an exponential function at the end of the ramp, resulting in a very small amount of rounding. The second added feature is an industry leading Auto-Tune feature which fixes overshoot problems automatically. The Auto-Tune feature works in conjunction with the Ramp Transition feature and automatically adjusts the overshoot or undershoot Ramp Transition values prior to the next application. This feature is useful when the effectiveness performance changes throughout the test, often occurring while using test parts that are sensitive to temperature or speed.

All these changes are included on all current dynamometers and test systems enabled with servo firmware version >= 1.48 and ProLINK version >= 3.26. LINK can upgrade systems in the field that are equipped with the required Ethernet servo controller and latest ProLINK version. The new Smart Servo Controller is more accurate, more repeatable and alleviates headaches from previous versions.

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