LINK Spring Tester Still in Use After 75 Years

In 1943, Link Engineering Company experienced a boom in sales of Spring Testing devices first patented by LINK in 1936. During this busy time, LINK sold a Spring Tester to an aircraft fuel pump manufacturer, who used it to test many springs in their product line. Through precision design, durability of the device, and support from our team members, that same device is still in operation to this very day, 75 years later.

This machine is a testament of our commitment to our customers and the quality of our products. Over the years LINK has had multiple employees dedicated to development and support of this tester, which has kept it calibrated and in commission for over 7 decades. With the durability that LINK builds into our Spring Testers, these machines have been able to withstand the test of time. LINK is proud of the durability of this tester still in operation and uses this as a milestone and standard for all future projects.

The LINK Spring Tester was the first testing product that LINK ever manufactured. With bases originally made out of wood, LINK’s Spring Testers have come a long way, later being mass produced through an aluminum casting process. Our Spring Testers have evolved throughout the years to keep up with new technology and advancements, and are still being manufactured today!

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