LINK Showcases V-Max 4000 During Live Vehicle Demonstrations

At this year’s SAE Brake Colloquium & Exhibition, LINK hosted live vehicle tests, giving attendees the opportunity to go for a ride and experience our V-Max 4000 Data Acquisition System firsthand.

Participants were taken through a series of parking lot maneuvers in our LINK testing vehicle, while the V-Max recorded the vehicle data. Interacting with the V-Max 4000 HUD and setting various inputs gave participants a feel for the user interface and the system functionality.

At the end of each demo, the recorded data was downloaded to a USB drive and LINK personnel explained the data to each attendee. “The response we received on the live driving demo was great!” reported Jerry Shavrnoch, General Manager of LINK’s vehicle testing group in Arizona, “and we really had a good time showing off the V-Max 4000.”

LINK’s V-Max 4000, is a portable modular testing system. If attendees were not able to do the live demo, they were able to see the system at LINK’s booth. The V-Max 4000 is equipped with customizable modules that can easily be exchanged. This enables operators to increase or decrease the number of data channels, based on their testing needs.

The test vehicle was also equipped with a LINK telemetry system and LINK thermocouples. “We received several great comments on the test drive experience and our products,” commented Shavrnoch. “I’m glad we had the opportunity for people to find out how flexible and easy to use the V-Max really is.”

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