LINK releases ProLINK control updates for the Krauss Machine

Since the acquisition of the Krauss product line, Link Engineering Company has been working closely with our customers supporting their Krauss RW Friction Test Machines. In addition to providing new Krauss test equipment for quality control and wear measurement, LINK has developed a control update package to provide the most in-depth and reliable software available to the testing industry. Working along with Peter Krauss (proBT GmbH), LINK will ensure full service support for all existing machines throughout the world.

Control software and hardware on existing Krauss machines will continue to be supported until the end of 2019, but the LINK upgrade package will bring these machine’s controls up to the most capable performance in the industry. Typical updates include a new computer with ProLINK software running on the latest operating system, along with a LINK data acquisition system. Typical hardware updates would include the LINK Ethernet Instrumentation Input / Output board with the LINK servo controller, along with an Ethernet-based Digital Input / Output system. In addition to the ProLINK software, there are a number of options available to update power components, control circuitry, and instrumentation systems.

Based on the condition of the machine, LINK will work with customers on the solution best catered for their specific needs. As not all options are available for every machine, LINK will take into account what needs to be upgraded and what is possible for their machine. Additional upgrade options to include are air over oil brake apply, servo valve, new power cabinet with all new power circuitry, variable speed drive, remote desktop push button box, and many more. With support from LINK, current and future Krauss machines worldwide will be measuring quality control of friction materials accurately and reliably for years to come.

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