LINK Provides Brake Testing for the Michigan State Police

In 2012, we started the LINK Police Declaration of Conformity program to qualify friction materials and brake rotors for police fleet vehicles. Continuing with this program, on October 20th, 2016, LINK conducted live vehicle brake testing for the Michigan State Police Department at Grattan Raceway in Grand Rapids, MI. Assisting LINK was Brake Parts Inc. and NAPA, both providing materials for the testing.

Finding the best brake pads for fleet vehicles is essential to the safety of police officers and the citizens they protect. Police fleet vehicles are often pushed to their limits. This extra stress makes it vital for these vehicles to be outfitted with quality and reliable brake materials. Whether they are responding to an emergency call or pursuing a vehicle, reliability is paramount for the safety and effectiveness of the officers.

LINK reached out to the Michigan State Police to conduct this vehicle testing. The objective was to test various brake pads on a two-mile course by performing 32 laps at speeds approaching 120 mph. Following the laps, 60-0 brake stops were performed to test the structural integrity of the brake pads. Each vehicle was equipped with LINK data acquisition systems and instrumented to measure pad temperature, brake fluid pressures, and pedal force and travel. Testing was conducted on three different vehicles simultaneously, all with different brake materials. The LINK team outfitted the vehicles with new pads between testing, recorded and presented data, and kept lap times.

If you are looking for concrete and reliable brake testing data to make business decisions, LINK is ready to help. We have performed vehicle testing all around the world, and we are available for your next testing project.

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