LINK Presents the Dan Mahannah Award at the Brake Colloquium

Each year, LINK presents the Dan Mahannah Achievement Award at the SAE Brake Colloquium. This year two outstanding candidates, Don Burgoon and Dieter Goldbach, were selected. As icons in the industry, each embodied the criterion for this award. It is with great sadness that we share both candidates passed away unexpectedly this past year. We miss them greatly, and will always remember their contributions to LINK and the brake industry.

Don Burgoon

Don Burgoon founded and led Performance Friction to become a leading innovator in friction materials and rotors. His enthusiasm and passion were legendary in the industry. He was a true innovator who took on tough challenges. For example, during the 2011 Japanese tsunami, Don developed and delivered a service lining for the Ford F150 in just six weeks. Don’s knowledge of manufacturing and his products was extraordinary.

During his career, Don chaired the Brake Manufacturers Council, was a member of our Advisory Board, and contributed significantly to our industry in many ways. For Don, a handshake meant everything. If you asked Don for a commitment, you knew he’d deliver.

Mary Ann Burgoon received the award on behalf of Don.

Dieter Goldbach

Dieter Goldbach had an incredible passion for the brake industry. He worked for Pagid Racing and TMD Friction for many years and established BT Bremsen Technik in 1987 to serve the motorsports market. He specialized in racing brake applications that required extraordinary measures to solve unique problems related to critical speeds and energy levels. Dieter’s innovations included safety related brass pin attachment mechanisms to secure the friction material to the backing plate, colored brake pads, and special friction materials for ceramic rotors. Throughout his life, Dieter was engaged in every aspect of brake technology to promote understanding and advancements.

Michael Schorn received the award on behalf of Dieter.

The Award

The Dan Mahannah Achievement Award is given to perpetuate the memory of Dan Mahannah and his love for our industry. Dan’s enthusiasm and innovation for technology, his ability to communicate, and his contributions in nurturing young engineers all demonstrated his willingness to give back and promote the brake industry worldwide. It recognizes an individual who makes unselfish contributions toward the betterment of the industry and its members; through technological advancements and educational or promotional endeavors.

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