LINK Introduces the Model 955 Double End Stator Lacing Machine

Plymouth, MI - At CWIEME in Berlin, Link Engineering introduced the Model 955 Double End Stator Lacing Machine to the European market. The new machine, which was first shown off as a prototype at the Coil Winding Expo in Rosemont, Illinois last October, created quite the buzz. With the ability to stitch at the speed of 150 stitches per minute, LINKs model 955 lacing machine is the best in the business.

With speed and production turnover as goals, LINK engineers developed a more compact, smooth-running unit. They began by eliminating the centerpost, heavy needle castings, and the separate upper and lower cord guide shaft linkages. Integrating the needles and cord guides in a lightweight pivoted carriage reduced mechanical complexity and mass. This resulted in a high-speed Lacer that increases production output, is easy to use, and is LINK-durable so up-time reliability is assured.

"LINK's Mechanical Engineer on this project, Rick Baird, had the ingenuity to use self-lubricating polymer bearings to replace messy oil lubrication," said Warren Brown, Vice president of Motor Products. "That change reduces maintenance requirements and provides a cleaner work environment."

Darrin Czajkowski, the electrical engineer, made the lacer more user-friendly, with new PLC controls that incorporate a color touch-screen LCD monitor.

LINK offers a number of optional upgrades to make production faster. One such option is a two-station turntable, which allows a stator to be safely unloaded and loaded, while another is being laced.

"This feature, along with the higher speed, will greatly improve production throughput for our customers" says Brown.

For more information about the Model 955 Lacer, please contact LINK at +1-734-453-0800 or email us at

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