LINK Introduces Comprehensive Service and Support Offerings

To better support our customers, Link Engineering Company (LINK) has recently capitalized on our service offerings. LINK has created a dedicated support team for our global customers, building on over 85 years of testing experience. Our team of technicians and engineers have a vast knowledge base and are fully equipped to supply the customized service and support our customers require from individual as-needed repairs, to complete preventive maintenance plans. Our service offerings will allow us to provide comprehensive field service options that deliver the support and expertise our customers need in order to continuously run laboratories around the globe efficiently and accurately.

The operation and management of a testing laboratory is an intricate process due to the balancing of machine downtime, maintenance, staffing, and other factors. LINK is committed to ensuring each laboratory is efficient, and assets are continuously utilized to their fullest extent. With extensive and technical expertise from running our own global testing facilities, LINK provides business solutions that enable our customers to structure the smartest overall service strategy for their individual applications, business models, and budgets.

Our field services are aimed at responding to and resolving issues as quickly as possible. LINK technicians are well versed in addressing any calibration and preventative maintenance need, as well as providing field repair services to attack unscheduled downtime. To best support our customers, we deliver software support packages that are designed to educate our users, maintain up-to-date systems, and resolve any issues that arise. With these software packages, we produce sought-after results whether our customers are using LINK software exclusively, upgrading their software to LINK software, or pairing our software with other systems. Our calibration services ensure confidence in equipment through precise measurements to minimize uncertainty and drift, as well as the reduction of potential costs from manufacturing errors. LINK also provides IEC/ISO 17025 accredited calibration service for test equipment, whether our customers are testing at their facilities or ours.

Through our inclusive field service offerings, LINK can supply preventative maintenance to help avoid potential shutdowns in the future and keep equipment running smoothly, including annual health checks, inspections, and repair as needed. With LINK’s extensive field service capabilities, extended warranty, parts, and startup services, we have created a one-stop-shop for any of our customers’ software, technical, or calibration needs. With our service options, we are here to solve complex problems and ensure our customers develop the best possible products and solutions.

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