LINK Introduces a New Tescor Conditioned Air Supply System

Beginning in April, 2018, Tescor, a Link Group Company, began to build their newest standard product, the ACU300-LP, Conditioned Air Supply System, and later installed the unit at the customer’s site in July, 2018. The purpose of this new machine will be to determine how automotive driveline equipment and components respond to specific temperatures.

The ACU will be used for temperature control of the customer’s various existing test chambers, with a temperature range of -40°C to 100°C. The Conditioned Air Supply System has a high stabilization rate reaching and maintaining the conditions of the test chamber to desired conditions within 1 hour.

Initially being built to replace an existing competitors unit, Tescor was the first to build a unit to directly compete with small portable environmental test chambers which are modified for use with chambers external to the portable test chamber itself. The ACU will recycle air from the test cell where the air will be drawn from the test cell and be pushed into the insulated plenum by a 300CFM pressure blower. The ACU300-LP is made up of a refrigeration system, controlled electric heater, and a reusable air duct filter.

While creating this new product, Tescor ran into an engineering obstacle of creating a “roll around” portable test enclosure box for the ACU300-LP. The specific driveline equipment being tested will be placed inside a portable test enclosure box. Overcoming difficulties, this box was developed into a 3’ by 3’ by 3’ stainless steel enclosure, containing a latch and hinge type lid to control the environment during testing. The box features a duct connection to create a specific environment in which to test the driveline products in. The enclosure is also portable due to a heavy-duty swivel caster with wheels.

This new product will become a standard product available to all Tescor customers. For more information on the Conditioned Air Supply System, or any other Tescor products, please contact 215-957-9112, or email

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