LINK High-Speed Rail Dyno in Beijing

Link Engineering Company recently won a project to deliver a high-speed rail dynamometer to Beijing in 2017. China is the fastest growing region for railway development, where the bounds of high-speed rail technology are now regularly pushed to the limit. LINK is proud to be a part of this excitement as we work with our customers to propel the industry into a new era of safety and technology. Our customer BEIJING TIANYISHANGJIA NEW MATERIAL CO., LTD (TYSJ) is also rapidly growing their capabilities. The high speed rail dynamometer will be installed in their technical center along with a LINK 3900 NVH dynamometer for automotive testing.

The high-speed rail dynamometer is a highly sophisticated train brake dyno, designed with LINK’s state-of-the-art testing technologies and backed by our expertise in the brake industry. Our high-speed rail dynamometer will test a combination of train applications including high speed and heavy duty. It is equipped to support various train brake designs and includes a large walk in enclosure for ease of use. The dynamometer will be equipped with our ProLINK software package with included railway-specific application features.

As we accommodate the expanding markets we serve, our capabilities will continue to grow. LINK is increasing its presence in the rail industry to meet the growing demands for railway testing in China. Through ongoing support and training from LINK, our team is committed to supporting the challenges that both LINK and Tianyishangjia will face to meet their testing objectives and to execute proper operation of the machine.

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