LINK Force & Motion Tire Testing System

Link Engineering Company recently introduced our new Force & Motion tire testing system, which is now in operation, residing at LINK’s testing laboratory in Dearborn, Michigan. Our new Director of Tire Research and Development, Dr. Jim Cuttino, will have the technical lead as we bring our Force and Motion system into full operation.

The Force & Motion system is being integrated with a Rolling Road belt dynamometer, equipped with a stainless-steel track, which is coated with a grit surface to provide force and moment tire testing services. The system’s parking forces capability will provide LINK customers with a tool for accurately predicting the forces applied to the tire, suspension and steering mechanisms during the most extreme operating conditions. This capability will allow for power steering systems to be accurately sized, eliminating waste while ensuring proper performance.

These measurements, combined with other supporting data, will provide state of the art testing and tire characteristics for the tire engineering and vehicle OEM markets. LINK is eager to get the new Force & Motion system online, and is extending a tremendous effort to bring this new and exciting technology to our customers.

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