LINK Exhibiting at Virtual EuroBrake 2021

Link Engineering Company will be participating in the first-ever virtual EuroBrake conference as an exhibitor and Gold sponsor, taking place online from May 17-21. EuroBrake is the largest annual gathering of international braking industry professionals and will feature more than 90 technical and panel sessions from leading industry figures, including LINK.

The virtual event is an exciting opportunity for LINK to be involved in a unique widescale event, with attendees hailing from both local and global locations. We are excited to reconnect with our customers and network with industry professionals during the EuroBrake digital event and are specifically looking forward to connecting with the local market. LINK offers several first-class capabilities through Europe, as our LINK Europe headquarters is conveniently located in Limburg, Germany, with additional facilities in Milan, Italy, and Mojacar, Spain. Both the Limburg and Mojacar locations offer comprehensive vehicle testing services, including NVH test routes and various specialized tests for an unparalleled custom testing solution.

During the conference, LINK will showcase proven existing technologies both within and outside of brakes, such as the Model 6330 Brake Emissions Test System and Model 7200 High-Speed Rail Brake Dynamometer, amongst other specialty dynamometers and data acquisition systems for vehicle testing and laboratory management. Most notably, we will be introducing new, interesting products to our already exceptional roster. The newly-developed Model 6642 Hub Motor and NVH Test System is the first dual-function test system for the EV/PHEV industry, integrating both hydraulic braking and motor drive testing into a combined operation. Not only is the machine a dedicated in-wheel motor (IWM) solution, but it also comes packed with a precise sound chamber, torque sensors, battery simulators, and multiple operation modes. In addition, the Advanced DAQ Series Control Board - the next evolution of our control and acquisition testing solutions - will be making its official debut. Featuring higher acquisition rates, a high-performance embedded controller, and an 8-slot backplane populated with a variety of accessory boards for any application.

As a thought leader in the braking industry, LINK will be involved in numerous knowledge-sharing opportunities throughout the technical sessions, forums, and Content Hub. We invite you to visit our online profile during the event, where you will have the ability to book a meeting with us. Learn more:

If you haven’t yet registered for EuroBrake, click the following link to take advantage of the full virtual experience!

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