Link Engineering’s Global Customer Support Team

Plymouth, MI - Link Engineering is committed to providing their customers with skilled, prompt, and economical customer support. LINK has developed a global customer support network that provides a multitude of services around the globe. Our customers can rest easy knowing that LINK will always be available in any situation.

Each region has a dedicated customer service manager who oversees the team in their specific area of the world. In total, LINK has seven global customer support regions, located in North America, South America, China, Europe, Japan, Korea, and India. The customer support teams are led by the global technical manager, who works closely with the regional customer support groups.

By providing localized customer support capabilities, LINK is able to quickly respond to our customers at a reduced cost. The global customer support team is made up of almost 50 full-time service technicians that are comprehensively trained in solving any problem that may arise. This standardized level of technician capabilities allows LINK to share technician resources between regions to help manage the localized workload. This level of technical capability ensures that our customers will be supported in a fast and efficient manner.

Services provided by LINK's global customer support team include providing replacement parts, preventative maintenance, ISO-17025 certified calibrations, and servicing machines. Our technicians are capable of performing many machine updates, installations, and performance enhancements. Our team is available for hands on support at our customer's facility, phone or email support to assist our customers in resolving the issue, as well as, remote connection support, where we can take remote control of your machine anywhere on the planet and resolve the issue. Customized contracts for preventative maintenance, calibration, and software updates are available to help our customers reduce unexpected machine downtime and overall operating costs.

For more information regarding our global support team, and any of the services it can provide, please call us at +1-734-453-0800 or email us at

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