Link Engineering Launches New Data Acquisition Equipment

Plymouth, MI- Link Engineering has launched the V-Max 4000 Data Acquisition system to the auto motive industry, offering OEM's and suppliers a greater range of precision, modularity and user friendliness in vehicle data collection.

The biggest draw to the new system is its versatile modularity. Link's engineers designed the V-Max's chassis with interlocking and easily interchangeable modules. The modules are individually designed to measure analogue, digital, temperature, pulse, CAN, and NVH signals.

"The interchangeable modules will be a big draw for our customers," said Link Senior Account Manager and V-Max Product Manager, Joseph Wells. "The system allows manufacturers to purchase individual modules according to their need, giving them room to budget and add onto the unit as necessity dictates."
Another benefit of the V-Max 4000's modularity is the system's expandability. Manufacturers are no longer limited to carrying one unit for each system they are testing.

According to Wells, "With more channels, we can now support testing for large trucks, farming, forestry, industrial equipment, and military vehicles for such tests such as transmission, drivelines, brakes and stability/slip control in one unit".

V-Max 4000 is designed with ten times the sampling capacity of the model's predecessor, allowing much faster sample rates in the data.

"This system won't miss anything!" said Wells.

Ultimately, that sort of information will be a tremendous aid to manufacturers in improving vehicle performance, safety, and driving comfort for the public.

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