Link Engineering Expands in China

Link Engineering Company is pleased to announce the opening of a testing laboratory in Shanghai, China. This laboratory will provide independent testing services to customers throughout China. Along with Link's already existing Laboratory in Korea, this facility will help serve the Asia region and will allow Link to significantly expand its technical support and service of test equipment within China. The opening of this facility marks the extension of Link Engineering Company into the Chinese market by offering the same complete range of testing products and services currently offered by Link in North America.

LINK China will now directly provide sales, installation and startup, after sales service and spare parts for Link equipment sold in China. The testing laboratory will carry spare parts for Link manufactured test equipment, enabling Link China to react immediately, providing replacement parts and service, as needed. Link China will also conduct frequent training seminars on industry related topics.

Link Engineering Company's Chinese Testing Laboratory will be launched in three major phases.

Phase 1 will be operational in October 2011 and will cover brake and friction testing at both the laboratory and vehicle level. This phase consists of performance and noise dynamometers, with environmental controls, as well as various test stands for the laboratory, and a wide array of data acquisition systems and supporting instrumentation for on road vehicle testing.

Phase 2 will be operational in the 2nd quarter of 2012 and will launch Link's wheel and hub testing capabilities, while also expanding on the brake and friction sector with the addition of several new performance and noise dynamometers.

Phase 3 is due to be completed at the beginning of 2013. At this time, Link will incorporate its transmission and driveline testing capabilities as well as further expand in the areas of wheel & hub, brake and friction and vehicle testing.

Link Engineering Company designs, develops, installs, and operates a wide array of test systems. Link is a leader in the development of unique test systems for the automotive, truck, and aerospace industries. The products evaluated on Link's test systems include brakes (automotive, aircraft, truck, railroad, and many more applications), transmissions, clutches, axles, other driveline components, steering systems, springs, tires, wheels, and a variety of other components. Link also provides testing services to a global customer base. Other products provided by Link include electric motor lacers and machine tools such as center-drills. Since 1935, the Link name has meant outstanding quality and service, and this tradition continues today.

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Ronan Harkin, General Manager

Xu Xin, Sales Manager

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