Link Engineering Company announces the acquisition of Tescor Inc.

Link Engineering Company announced today the acquisition of Tescor, Inc. of Warminster, PA. Founded in 1991, TESCOR provides specialty climatic equipment systems. A group of these systems were engineered and designed specifically in support of LINK’s brake and chassis dynamometer business.

TESCOR is a world leader in specialty climatic testing equipment for the Automotive, HVAC, Pharmaceutical, and Life Science industries. In addition, TESCOR builds surface calorimeters for testing radiators, condensers, heater cores, oil coolers and charge air coolers. For the HVAC industry, TESCOR offers both Balanced Ambient Room and Psychrometric Test Facility calorimeters.

“The acquisition of TESCOR is well aligned with our long term strategic business plan, allowing us to expand our reach beyond our current products and customers,” said Adam Link, Technical Director of Link Engineering Company. “TESCOR and LINK share a common engineering pedigree and culture, which makes us a natural fit. We are very excited to be part of the LINK family of companies.”, added Jacques Boudin, Owner and Founder of Tescor, Inc.

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