Link Engineering Co. Announces Partnership with Maul-Theet GmbH

Plymouth, MI - Link Engineering is pleased to announce its partnership with Maul-Theet GmbH to introduce the Shim Damping Test Stand for automated modal analysis testing of parts. This system allows for a highly efficient, repeatable modal analysis measurements and shim testing in compliance with SAE J 3001 and EKB 1110 (Modal Damping Test for Anti-Noise Shims).

The testing is done by exciting the test parts by a short hammer impact. From the vibration response and impact signal natural frequencies and modal damping values can be calculated for each Measurement. The measurements can be performed across the temperature range of -30 to 140 degrees Celsius so the characteristic diagram for damping and natural frequency can be determined as a function of temperature.

Automatic excitations to the test parts are triggered at predefined temperatures and then the vibration response is measured using a Laser Doppler Vibrometer. This non-contact measurement technique ensures that no mass load by a sensor distorts the results. From both signals, the analysis software calculates the transfer function (FRF) as a base for the determination of model damping values.

The data collected is stored in a database that contains Meta data like manufacturer, material, lot, production temperature, pressing force, etc. the database contains the complete characteristic diagram for damping as a function frequency and temperature.

The Test stand can be extended with a ScanSet. By use of two moveable mirrors whole surfaces of brake parts can be scanned to obtain according mode shapes. All features of Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometer (SLDV) are available.

The Shim Damping Test Stand and the ScanSet Extension will be sold exclusively by LINK and produced by Maul-Theet. This partnership will provide customers with top of the line test equipment and the best global service in our line of business. For further information regarding the Shim Damping Test Stand and the ScanSet Extension or any other testing equipment please contact LINK at +1-734-453-0800 or email us at

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