Link Engineering Announces LINK ShaPix

Plymouth, MI- Link Engineering is proud to announce that it has partnered with Coherix to produce the ShaPix 1500Series 3D analyzer. When accuracy and quality is important, the LINK ShaPix provides a solution that measures the wear, profile, flatness and waviness of the planar surfaces of brake pads and rotors.

This technology produces measurements in easy to understand, high-definition 3D pictures and reports within minutes. The micron level visualizations produced enable clear understanding and communication throughout the life of a planar surface. This ranges from design to production to consumer function.

The LINK ShaPix provides 3D images that clearly depict what is occurring on the surface of the part which is extremely beneficial to design engineers. The images are produced by a laser that takes minutes to produce an image compared to the hours that other machines would take. The data acquisition is done automatically, so the entire testing process is simplified for the user.

For more information regarding the LINK ShaPix machine, please contact Link Engineering at +1-734-453-0800 or email us at

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