LINK develops a roadmap for NA Testing Operations

The LINK staff recently participated in a SWOT analysis and technology planning workshop specifically for our NA test operations. Led by Carlos Agudelo, a LINK team of testing leadership consisting of Jerry Shavrnoch, David Domine, Greg Smith, John Ligerakis and Terry Woychowski, were brought together by their specific knowledge and experience, and collaborated on the future of NA test operations. This exercise is one part of the development project determined to chart a technology roadmap. To roadmap the future of our test operations, we need to understand where we are now, where the industry is heading, and how we will meet and exceed the demands in the future.

The future of our test operations lies with LINK maintaining our technology leadership. Investing the time to map the trends of our industry and emerging technological advances ensures that we are able to provide up-to-date and innovative testing services for our customers. Our team is determined to provide the very best in testing services and to uncover new opportunities for both LINK and our customers, so that together we can help shape the bright future of the automotive industry.

When great minds come together and collaborate on the future of our operations, we can ensure that LINK will be well positioned to meet industry challenges we will face in the near future. We strive to lead innovation efforts in every market we serve, workshops like this will expand in the future to include new constituents of the testing organization and continue to enhance our technology development activities. This workshop is one of the many events at LINK where we are able to bring together our top thought leaders to collaborate and map out a smarter future for LINK.

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