LINK Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary of Global Test Laboratories

In 2021, LINK is celebrating ten years of operation in three of our global test laboratories. Ten years ago, LINK started running lab operations in Europe, China, and Dearborn (MI), in an effort to expand globally and provide local technical expertise, sales, and support to our growing customer base. Over the past ten years, these teams have developed a wealth of knowledge related to highly technical solutions, and we are proud of their ability to support our customers from all over the globe.

Since the creation of our Limburg, Germany, laboratory in 2011, our European offerings have expanded to Magenta, Italy; Mojacar, Spain; as well as a new up-and-coming facility in Limburg. LINK Germany runs a full testing operation with the most up-to-date laboratory and vehicle testing equipment, offering exceptional precision and support capabilities to meet the full scope of our customers' testing needs.

The LINK China Shanghai testing laboratory has been testing components such as automotive brakes, wheels, hubs, and more for ten years. Demand for our Shanghai laboratory inspired the addition of another testing center, LINK Huangshan, which specializes in turnkey vehicle testing services.

The Dearborn Technical Center is LINK’s largest testing laboratory, supporting test operations throughout the world with comprehensive facility capabilities. The Dearborn Technical Center is truly equipped to handle virtually any testing need, from servo-hydraulic, brake, commercial vehicle, wheel-end, vehicle, chemical, and brake emissions testing.

Thank you to the LINK teams at each of these facilities who provide hands-on experience, creativity, and care not only to their local regions, but to our global customer base. We appreciate your hard work and dedication!

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