LINK Brazil 15th Anniversary

On March 28th, Link Engineering Company is celebrating 15 years of operation and service in Brazil. On this date, Mr. Eduardo Ferro was named General Manager of LINK Brazil, and continues to lead the local team and operations.

Over the past 15 years, with Eduardo's leadership, LINK has built an excellent team in Brazil that has become a go-to resource for customers in the region. This resource includes a world-class engineering laboratory in Sorocaba, Brazil.

Using some of the experience LINK has learned from opening this facility, the company proceeded to open other facilities in Europe and China. This helped LINK to become a global leader in testing technologies, including contributing to and setting industry standards for brake and friction testing around the world. LINK Brazil is currently accredited to ISO 17025, which has provided LINK with the opportunity to add future test methods under the INMETRO certification process, amongst others.

LINK Brazil plays a vital role in accomplishing the company's initiatives for global outreach and growth. Link Engineering Company is looking forward to LINK Brazil's continued leadership in the local region, and congratulate all who have contributed to its success during these 15 years.

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