LINK Awarded Patent on Low Friction Tailstock Assembly

Link Engineering Company has a tradition of innovation, as our first patent was acquired in 1936 for a spring testing device. Recently, we have been granted another patent, dating July 4th, 2017, for our Low Friction Tailstock Assembly. Now called the Model 5002 Residual Drag Tailstock, the system measures both high torque dynamic brake stops as well as low torque drag sections on a single platform. As the automotive industry demands higher fuel-efficient vehicles, it is imperative for manufacturers to more accurately test their products. With the residual drag tailstock, companies are able to more accurately simulate real-life driving conditions and brake torque behaviors on the vehicle.

The Low Friction Tailstock Assembly includes the housing, and two separate torque cells fixed to the housing, and configured to measure two different load ranges. The tailstock assembly, used on a brake dynamometer, can accurately measures both active braking torques as well as residual drag torques. The operator of the machine can quickly switch between measuring high torque or low torque using our ProLINK software.

The LINK team members credited as inventors are Timothy G. Olex, Warren C. Brown, Richard L. Baird, and Anthony J. Wallen. Congratulations to our team members on their hard work and dedication to the project! If you are interested in learning more about this system, please contact us at +1-734-453-0800.

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