Link Engineering Company attended the 20th CFSMA International Friction & Sealing Material Exhibition & Colloquium, held March 30th - April 1st, 2018 in Fuzhou City, China. CFSMA is an annual event that provides the latest information on new friction and sealing material products and regulations. With more than 80 companies and over 800 participants, this year was the largest Friction & Sealing Material Exhibition in Asia to date.

LINK, a Diamond Sponsor of the CFSMA, would like to congratulate Chairman Wang Yao and the CFSMA team for organizing the event. As the Chinese Automotive Industry grows and new technology emerges, development of friction and sealing equipment will play a vital role in the industry’s evolution. Looking ahead, manufacturers seek to create new concept vehicles using environmentally friendly technology, and vehicles with artificial intelligence (AI) will increasingly become a reality. LINK is looking towards the future of the industry and will continue our commitment and presence in the automotive and railway industries in China.

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