LINK attends the 35th annual SAE Brake Colloquium

A longstanding tradition, Link Engineering Company attended the SAE Brake Colloquium & Exhibition held this year in Orlando, Florida on September 25. A group of industry professionals, including Roy Link, CEO and Chairman at LINK, founded the Brake Colloquium and have continued to support the event since its inception.

Consisting of panel discussion and exhibitions, the Colloquium is a hub for the latest technology in the brake industry. Committed to supporting the event and moving the brake industry forward, LINK is heavily involved in the and participates in several presentations, sessions, and exhibits. Also playing a large role as session organizer, LINK takes pride in ensuring a successful event year after year.

This year, LINK demonstrated a multifaceted solution, LabLINK. LabLINK is a complete laboratory management system that enables labs to streamline testing, schedule resources, monitor asset utilization, and date mine, in a real time and easy to use application. LabLINK provides an innovative visibility of equipment utilization and efficiency, which will serve as a powerful and important tool for test facilities across the globe. The 2017 Brake Colloquium proved to be a success, and LINK looks forward to continuing sharing ideas and conversations in 2018.

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