LabLINK Update

LabLINK is a modular Laboratory Information Management System developed by LINK for use in our testing facilities worldwide. It is currently used in our testing facilities in Dearborn, Detroit, China and Brazil, and we are planning to bring Korea online in 2018. In addition to our in-house use of LabLINK, we are also offering this software product to our customers as well as potential customers in other industries. LabLINK is a unique product in LINK’s sales portfolio and brings new opportunities for growth in many diverse markets. LabLINK allows lab staff to generate test requests, configure notifications based on test and scheduling status, schedule resources, and monitor asset utilization all in one system – creating optimized efficiency and customization.

In July, 2018 LINK’s LabLINK software development team, engineering, IT and sales all collaborated to install a live LabLINK demonstration for an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). This demo system connects a non-ProLINK chassis dynamometer to LabLINK via the LabLINK Connectivity Module hardware and LabLINK Status Reporter software. In this demo implementation, LabLINK will generate automated equipment utilization metrics that will provide a tremendous efficiency improvement over the current manual process. As training on the system progresses at the OEM’s test facility, the implementation of the Test Request and Scheduling modules will further leverage LabLINK’s ability to streamline and automate manual processes.

In August, team members from LINK’s international laboratories travelled to LINK Dearborn to attend a two-day LabLINK training workshop. The workshop is targeted at bringing the international laboratories up to speed with their internal LabLINK implementations as well as enhancing their knowledge required to support potential LabLINK customer’s in their respective markets. During this workshop, the North America Test Operations team provided a review of LabLINK best practices based on LabLINK implementation and operations already in place in Dearborn and Detroit. In addition, team members from IT and Software presented information regarding LabLINK infrastructure requirements, software setup and system configuration to educate our teams who will support LabLINK implementation worldwide.

Interest in LabLINK continues to increase among our current customers, and these latest activities further demonstrate the tremendous value LabLINK offers. With the recent addition of Brazil, and Korea soon joining the North America and China test operations teams in their LabLINK deployments, LINK will not only further increase test efficiency throughout the company, but also enter new markets for sales and support of LabLINK.

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