Introducing the Model 2000 Dynamometer

We are proud to officially announce the introduction of the Model 2000 Friction Standard Dynamometer to the LINK dynamometer lineup. The Model 2000 is a full inertia dynamometer designed specifically to conduct the most commonly run global test procedures for brake pad development. These include but are not limited to:

SAE J2522 Dynamometer Global Effectiveness dated 2014-09 SAE J2784 FMVSS Inertia Dynamometer Test Procedure for vehicles below 4 540 kg GVWR dated2007-12 (without park brake section) ISO 26867:2009 Friction behavior assessment for automotive brake systems JASO C406:2000 Passenger car - Braking device - Dynamometer test procedure ECE R90-02:2013-Annex 9 - Part A Determination of friction behavior by machine testing IS0-TC22-SC2-N557 Global Spec Section 7.4 - dated 2000-10

With a compact layout, the Model 2000 efficiently and economically allows automotive engineers to evaluate brake friction development, design, and quality control.

The Model 2000 contains the latest technology, software and controls, and proven components with low maintenance. The Model 2000 is an excellent value at an affordable price point, and comes with the added benefit of having a short lead-time and fast delivery. This design also saves time and cost for installation.

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