3500 Test Controller Adapts to Changing Needs & New Hardware Platforms

Link Engineering Company’s 3500 Test Controller (the 3500) has been relied upon by our customers for over a decade. The 3500 provides a robust solution for performing dependable tests on critical servo-hydraulic test specimens. While other suppliers stop supporting their older control systems, forcing users to buy new controllers, the 3500 controller adapts to changing technology, saving the customer time and money. Its long lifecycle means test professionals do not need to learn entirely new software, only new features.

Given that it is easily adaptable to new platforms and updated versions of Windows™, LINK engineers have continued to improve the 3500’s capabilities. The software-based motion control system reduces the dependence upon a specific hardware platform. Incorporating an intuitive Windows™ based operator interface, the 3500 provides users with a powerful, yet straightforward, software. Advanced soft-start and safety control features protect both the specimen and operator.

Currently, one controller supports up to eight channels and four independent stations and is easily configurable with the ability to store and retrieve different test rig set-ups. An optional data acquisition interface allows a wide range of commercially available signal conditioning.

The 3500 is equipped with an intuitive set-up and industry convention and is designed to facilitate a simple execution of advanced tests. One-click switching between stations allows easy control of multiple test systems and the ability to use multiple monitors reduces confusion. Flexible Digital Voltage Meters allow the operator to view the test status of all channels and stations at one time.

To learn more about LINK’s 3500 Test Controller, contact p.frissell@linkeng.com.

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