Commercial Vehicle NVH Chassis Dyno Developed & Shipped

LINK recently manufactured a Model 4912 NVH chassis dyno for a global automotive manufacturing company. The dyno was shipped at the beginning of December.

The M-4912 dyno is capable of a variety of brake and driveline testing. This system is the latest example of the LINK chassis dyno line of products, covering motorbike, automotive, commercial vehicle, and heavy duty applications for performance and NVH testing. The single axle chassis dyno is equipped to control road load and breaking simulation for commercial vehicle applications up to eleven tons per axle.

TheM-4912 dyno will be housed within an anechoic chamber equipped with an environmental control system. It includes a Foggy Spray Unit, Water Spray, and Tire Debris Collection Systems. These features enable the manufacturing teams to simulate a variety of road conditions. This model is also equipped with an independent electric brake application system for precise, automated brake pressure and deceleration control.

Operated by LINK’s proprietary ProLINK control system, the M-4912 dyno is designed with main motors for high speed application and astatic torque motor for low speed and breakaway torque testing. ProLINK offers operator-dependent control or fully automatic unattended operation. Additionally, it incorporates state-of-the-art technology for optimal correlation to actual operating conditions.

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