Chassis Brakes International - NVH Dyno Now Running at LINK Dearborn

Taking advantage of its relocation from Australia, Chassis Brakes International’s Model 3900 has had several upgrades to enhance its capabilities. The existing controls were updated with LINK’s newest generation Ethernet conversion kit and provides a faster sample rate and scalability. The dyno also received a new Model 4433 Environmental Conditioning Unit for low temperature humidity control.

Since LINK dynamometers are valuable machines, it makes economic sense to move a dynamometer to a new location for continuation of use. The upgrade of the electronic controls will provide many years of reliable service on this dynamometer. With the ability to be installed in 5 weeks, these LINK developed upgrades are designed to be cost efficient as well as maintenance friendly. It isn’t generally known that Link Engineering has installed control upgrades on more than 100 dynamometers worldwide. In many cases, these updated dynamometers were not originally made by LINK!

The upgraded Chassis Brakes International Dynamometer was placed next to the row of other NVH Model 3900s running at the LINK Dearborn Technical Center, where LINK will operate and manage this asset for its owner in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

The LINK asset management program is cost effective for owners of dynamometers who may not require 100% of their capacity. LINK will manage the utilization of the machines, while excess, unused capacity is sold to other customers, for which the owner will receive reimbursement. The maintenance of the machine, including calibration, is also handled by LINK.

The installation of this dynamometer is a win-win situation for both Chassis Brakes International and LINK. Usage of the machine is maximized, and existing LINK technical staff are available to perform the daily operating tasks. With LINK experts managing and maintaining the equipment, and by taking care of many dynamometers simultaneously, capacity is optimized as well.

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