A Successful First Ever Japan Brake Forum

LINK, together with The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, organized a successful first Japan Brake Forum. The Forum was held at Tochigi Prefectural Culture Center in Utsunomiya, Japan on November 28 and 29, 2016. The focus of the two-day event centered around sharing ideas on auto brake development and industry trends such as autonomous driving and braking.

The Brake Forum was created to expand on the Friction Forum which was started by a group of Japanese brake engineers in 2010. The Friction Forum is a productive platform for brake engineers to discuss new brake technology and design, however, the primary audience and focus was Japanese.

To facilitate a more global conversation and to create an opportunity for Japanese brake engineers to connect with a broader group of brake engineers, the Japan Brake Forum was started. The hope is that the Forum will be a platform for discussion on cutting edge brake technology and design.

Representation from LINK, including Roy Link and Hidetoshi Shimizu, presented during multiple sessions about testing, measurements, research technology, and core technologies. Scott Tonn, Chief Engineer at LINK China, also attended and shared, “The first ever Japan Brake Forum was a unique opportunity for industry leaders in automotive brake development to share ideas and knowledge about technical challenges and future trends with an emphasis on the Japanese automotive market.”

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